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Richard Barker Mentorship Program

It's time for you to truly get to where you want to be, no more hurdles, obstacles and excuses

Richard Barker -

I have helped many people discover the fastest way to ignite and elevate their brand so that it is positioned for success. The wealth that you can attract from a well executed plan is staggering, You can earn an unlimited income while living your dream. Let's have a chat to see if my mentorship program is right for you.

Tell me if any of this resonates with you

  • You think that it's time for a change in your life. You have tried to launch your hypnosis career but it is frustrating. You haven't gained any traction or momentum yet.

  • You understand that you deserve more than you have now. You already trained with a coach, teacher or guru, but still, no success results yet.

  • You want to choose to live the way you, free and without the shackles of a job holding you back. You want to make a full time income doing the things you love, not because you have to work in order to survive.

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About The Mentorship

Before We Begin, This Is NOT For Everyone

When you join the mentorship program there will be a requirement to invest in yourself with both time and money. You are building a business from scratch faster than most people can, whilst avoiding the mistakes most people make. We may need to undo and redo some of your branding and work so far. You will be guided by a professional mentor in the industry for 6 months who already enjoys success. You must be ready for the challenge and rewards that will follow.

The Strategy

Scope Of Mentorship

You will receive my dedication and commitment during a 6 month period. We will establish your objectives & goals and work towards them.


Weekly coaching calls over a 6 month period. During the 24 calls you will gain important value and guidance. On the call we measure progress and expand on our aims.


A blueprint for success that is customized to map out your objectives and goals. This blueprint ensures we stay on track. We track progress with our PMS


We build your brand assets that reflect your objectives. You will have live opportunity to gather the assets on my stages across the world. Media is critical to success


We build your marketing platform to enable you to attract your clients and efficiently send the right message to get you bookings at scale. A critical componont.


Projection and show planning is essential, you will be guided to create the show that is hired easily by the bookers. They won't want to think twice about hiring you.


Essential pieces to the puzzle that most struggle with. My marketing insider secrets are just that, secrets, only shared during your journey within the 6 months.

The Journey

Flexible - Fun - Robust


Shows and classes to build knowledge and confidence



Coaching calls and work pace to suit your schedule

24 Calls


Mentorship that works, just follow the plan.

6 Months

The mentorship program is detailed, I am skimming the surface of what is included. I protect the content of all the details online and will share it on our introduction call.

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