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Seminar 1 March 7-8 Seminar 2 March 10-11 Seminar 3 March 12-13

NORTH AMERICA DATES 2025: USA- Orlando Florida

Master Marketing To Get More Clients


Create Irresistible Marketing Offers


Empire Blueprint: Advanced Success


Master Marketing To Get More Clients

is a beginner-level seminar designed to empower hypnotherapists with the essential marketing strategies to expand their client base and enhance their practice's profitability. This seminar demystifies the concept of marketing, illustrating how effective communication and strategic promotion of your hypnotherapy services can significantly increase your clientele.

Benefits of This Seminar

By attending, you'll learn how to showcase your unique hypnotherapy offerings, making them visible and attractive to potential clients. We'll cover the basics of creating an engaging online presence, utilizing social media, and optimizing your website to draw in clients who are seeking hypnotherapy solutions

Key Elements of the seminar include:

Beginner Principles To Marketing

Marketing is like organizing an event. Without letting people know about it, finding the right venue, and creating a buzz around it, you can't expect a successful turnout. We will teach you the crucial steps for hypnotherapists, broken down with easy to follow steps, giving you amazing benefits. By effective modern marketing strategies you learn on this seminar you will be attracting more clients and creating a larger impact by helping more people. You will be able to reach your audience better while saving money on outdated approaches. We will teach you how your marketing efforts can help you establish your reputation and brand identity. This makes your hypnotherapy practice recognizable and memorable.

Creating an engaging online presence

Learn specifically how to create an online presence as a hypnotherapist using images and video. Significantly enhance your visibility and connect with a broader audience. We will be discussing these strategies:

1. Educational Videos

Creating videos that explain what hypnosis is, how it works, and its benefits. Demystify hypnosis for your audience which helps in establishing you as an authority in your field and educates your audience, making them more likely to seek your services. You will be taught the best tools and current methods.

2. Success Stories and Testimonials

How to efficiently collect testimonials from satisfied clients on auto pilot including their before-and-after stories. How to use images to highlight positive outcomes visually. This method builds trust and credibility with potential clients by showcasing real-life examples of your work.

3. Live Streaming Sessions

How to host live video sessions on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube where you answer common questions about hypnosis. Encourage viewers to submit their questions in real-time. This strategy engages your audience directly, allowing for instant interaction and further establishing your expertise. We will teach you the exact software to multi stream and schedule events.

4. Consistency and Branding

How to ensure your visual content consistently reflects your brand identity in style, colors, and tone of voice. This will builds brand recognition and helps your audience feel familiar and connected with your content over time. We will teach you logo creation and the look and fel of your service.

The seminar will also explore how to diversify your income through online services and products. You'll discover how offering digital products, like guided hypnosis recordings, or remote services, such as online hypnotherapy sessions, can attract a broader audience.

Develop Your Digital Products or Services

Learn how to create high-quality hypnosis recordings that address common issues. We will show you the best equipment and platforms to use.

Online Hypnotherapy Sessions

Learn how to offer your sessions via video call platforms like Zoom, Skype, or a dedicated Live Webinar service.

Create Your Online Selling Platform

Learn how to set up your website easily for selling digital products. We will teach you how to handle payment processing and digital delivery of your products.

Create Your Hypnosis Booking System.

Learn how to integrate a booking system into your website so that you can efficiently allow clients to schedule sessions directly online. These methods open up a new revenue stream by reaching those who seek the convenience and accessibility of online resources.

Incorporating these marketing strategies can transform your practice by increasing your visibility, attracting more clients, and providing varied services that meet the evolving demands of the market. This seminar is your first step towards mastering the art of marketing, ensuring your hypnotherapy practice thrives and grows in an increasingly digital world.


This seminar is designed to be the first place to come, to build a foundation of knowledge and to set the scene for the next level. You will gain immediate practical knowledge that you can turn into action. Do not feel intimidated if you are new or have a lack of marketing skills. This is the perfect place for the beginner or someone with basic knowledge.

This is the seminar we wish we had when we first got started.

How To Create Your Irresistible Marketing Offers is a seminar tailored specifically for hypnotherapists looking to elevate their business and secure a substantial client base. This insightful session is geared towards teaching you the art of crafting compelling marketing offers that not only captivate attention but also convert prospects into loyal clients.

Benefits of this seminar

By attending you will learn how to create events and fill up a room for your presentation. Learn how to create all of your digital collateral that you can sell online and at live events. I will teach you how to build a massive passive income where you are paid 24/7 on the products you offer for sale.

Key Elements of the seminar include:

Creating Outstanding Seminars And Events

Learn the secrets to creating buzzworthy seminars and events. Learn how to ensure that every seat is filled by adopting secret marketing strategies both on and off line. You will also gain insights into effective promotion strategies by understanding your target audience, and crafting event offers that are too good to resist, thereby guaranteeing a packed room for your hypnotherapy sessions or events. You will also discover how to design group hypnosis seminars that stand out, offering unique experiences that draw in crowds. I will teach how to differentiate your seminars in a crowded market, creating a memorable brand experience that encourages word-of-mouth and repeat attendance.

Building Multiple Passive Income Streams

Uncover the potential of passive income by learning how to systematically develop and market digital products, like audio sessions, eBooks, or online courses. This segment will guide you on monetizing your expertise, ensuring a steady income flow even when you're not actively working. There are too many hidden gems that cannot be written here but will be revealed in this special class.

Creating Online Products and Services

Dive into the digital world by creating online products and services that meet the growing demand for remote wellness solutions. From developing engaging online courses to virtual hypnotherapy sessions, you'll learn how to expand your reach beyond geographical limitations, tapping into a global market.

This seminar is designed to not only enhance your marketing skills but also to provide you with the tools to grow your practice, reach a wider audience, and create new revenue streams.


Whether you're looking to host sold-out events, create impactful group sessions, or establish a lucrative online presence, this seminar is your gateway to achieving remarkable success in your hypnotherapy practice

Online Empire Blueprint: Advanced Techniques for Success is a transformative seminar designed to catapult your hypnotherapy practice into the global digital arena. This seminar is your roadmap to "Digital Mastery for Hypnotherapists," empowering you to elevate your online practice to new heights, where geographical boundaries dissolve, and your expertise reaches a worldwide audience.

Benefits Of This Seminar

By attending this seminar you will learn how to get on the path of global online expansion: Learn advanced strategies to take your business global, reaching an international clientele. Discover how to effectively market your products and services online and become a worldwide sensation.

Key Elements of the seminar include:

Creating Private Communities

Master the art of building private, exclusive communities hosted away from the prying eyes of social media platforms. This session will guide you in creating safe, engaging, and value-driven spaces where your clients can connect, share experiences, and embark on their transformative journeys. The benefits of fostering a private community will be revealed during this seminar. The money is in the community!

Leveraging Membership Platforms

Unlock the potential of membership platforms to create a recurring revenue model. Learn how to design and sell courses that a wide audience feel compelled to purchase, discover the platforms to use and tech set up, its easier than you think!

Integrating A.I. Technology

Explore how to actively utilize Artificial Intelligence to enhance your practice. A.I. can revolutionize the way you market and engage with potential clients. Train your A.I to answer your clients questions and book appointments in your absence, all whilst having a deep understanding of your business, and hypnosis. This one step alone will change the game for you, that is a promise I can prove!


This final seminar aligns with the ethos of "Next-Level Strategies for Hypnotherapists to Dominate the Digital Sphere" and delves deep into the practicalities of establishing a digital empire. You will acquire the knowledge to transform your practice into a thriving online business, even if you are not tech savvy or stuck in some old school ways.


These 3 marketing seminars are the Hypnotists ultimate guide to digital greatness.

By attending this seminar series you will be crafting and implementing your prosperous online presence as directedt by the master of marketing, your hypnotic marketing mentor, Richard Barker. By the end of the seminars you will be ensuring your online practice is not just surviving but thriving. This seminar series is your stepping stone to becoming a global hypnotherapy authority, continuously growing, innovating, and leading in the digital hypnosis revolution. Become the most established and recognized hypnotist in your field, I’m excited to show you how!

Hi there, My name is Richard Barker, I am a mentor, author of 4 books and a real estate investor. My passion is to help others build their brands quickly and successfully.

I’m going to show you exactly how you can easily start taking advantage of basic to advanced marketing multi-channel principles using technology, software, and strategy.

Stop trying to figure it out yourself, costing you time and money. Stop trying to figure out how to get more clients, stop spending time and money on gurus or marketing training wondering where it all went wrong and why you have no results. Eliminate all the guesswork and never again waste time or money in your pursuit towards a thriving business.

You're about to go on an amazing growth journey. Come and join me on the Marketing Seminar Series or join the program.

When learning marketing, people often face several significant challenges. Some of the most common problems include:

  • Information Overload:
    The rapidly evolving landscape of modern marketing can be overwhelming. There's a vast amount of information available, including various tools, platforms, and strategies, making it challenging to know where to start.

  • Technological Complexity:
    Many modern marketing methods rely heavily on technology. This can be intimidating for those not familiar with digital tools, social media platforms, and marketing automation systems.

  • Targeting and Audience Identification:
    Identifying and understanding the right target audience is crucial, yet it's a skill that takes time to develop a strategy to get your content and marketing aligned to the prospects you want to attract.

  • Budget Constraints:
    Effective marketing often requires an investment, whether it's in advertising, content creation, or other resources. Budget constraints can limit an ability to fully implement certain strategies.

  • Adapting to Change:
    The marketing landscape evolves rapidly, with new trends, algorithms, and consumer behaviors emerging frequently. Staying up-to-date and adapting to these changes can be challenging.

    Together, we can get your marketing working for you.

Get fast results in less time

Getting Marketing right can be harder than a woodpeckers lips. It's easy to get confused and misdirected by what you hear and see online from others. FINALLY, you have the chance to break through the confusion and pain. Discover a clear and concise step by step path to promoting and building a successful business.

My aim is to decrease your time, effort and sacrifice.

Let's build your brand, scale and grow it.

What I’m going to share with you should be music to your ears

Where you plant your seeds is not necessarily where you will reap your harvest. 🌱

It's not enough to lay a few seeds down if you want a BIG harvest. 💡

You will not reap your harvest immediately after planting your seeds but

✨Keep fertilizing and watering and grow quickly.✨


The object of a business isn’t to get people to buy things, it’s to make money. We are not trying to break even or stay afloat. The aim is to make a significant income.

Lowering prices to compete is often a path to business destruction. Never compete on price. To raise prices you must be confident in your products and services, they must deliver. People pay for certainty and outcomes. Raise your prices when you raise the value. If a potential customer compares your products or services to another one listed online, and cannot see much difference between them, they will hire the cheapest person for the job.

I will teach you to create an irresistible offer that it is hard to say no to. People want to buy expensive things but they just need a reason. Create products and services that cannot be compared. Sell your products and services in a category of one so you don’t play the pricing war. Make it too difficult to compare you to someone else.

What is the gap between your current reality and dream outcome?

Scott Christie

When I got started offering my consulting services I didn't really know what I was doing. The marketing confused me and became a constant challenge for several years. I enlisted the help of Richard Barker the Hypnotic Marketing Mentor and now I am enjoying huge success and a full schedule of clients every week.

Fraser Penman

In a few fast months I was able to rise to the top of my game in Scotland. I went from nobody knowing about me, to headlining the Edinburgh Fringe. I could not have achieved that without Richard Barker the Hypnotic Marketing Mentor. My advice would be to take action and get started, you won't regret it.

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